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Dealing with Foreclosure Through Bankruptcy in Minnesota

How to Handle the Threat of Foreclosure

The Minneapolis foreclosure defense lawyers from Neff Law Firm, P.A., have helped many homeowners successfully handle the threat of foreclosure. Homeowners threatened with foreclosure often do not know what to do. At such a critical time it is very useful to get legal assistance from an experienced foreclosure prevention attorney. Some homeowners fail to avail themselves of the right to get legal advice and instead remain apathetic and resigned to losing their home. Some fall into accepting that they should simply stay in their home until they are forced to leave. Failure to address the threat of the loss of a home may to create a huge problem for a homeowner in the future. Some consumers think that if they do not remember giving the lender the right of foreclosure it cannot be done. This is far from the truth. Even if the underlying mortgage documents do not give the lender the right to a nonjudicial sale of the property homeowners should not be lulled into believing that they do not face potential loss of a home. In situations where the documents do not clearly give a right of sale to a lender the law would allow for a judicial foreclosure that could involve the filing of a lawsuit to obtain an order of foreclosure. Such a court order may allow for the home to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Once again, consumers must understand their legal rights in situations such as this for this type of situation. The help of a skilled foreclosure lawyer may be of great benefit to a consumer.

Information on Foreclosure

Homeowners facing foreclosure should make sure to do all proper acts as well as making sure that a lender has specific authority to do what is done in a foreclosure situation. This means a homeowner should make sure and have a copy of any notice of sale. That notice of sale should be checked to make sure it has the proper name of the consumer, the original loan amount and what amount of money is now in default or it should also include the proper date of the mortgage, a description of the property and the time place and date of a foreclosure. Consumers should have information from the sheriff's office in the county in which the proper real property is located as to the particulars of the scheduled foreclosure sale. Again consumers must consider the value of the property and the potential that they face for a deficiency judgment if the house is sold. It behooves consumers facing foreclosure to have the assistance of a foreclosure defense attorney who can help them gather together the necessary information and assess it to determine if there are any proper defenses to the foreclosure and/or potential for debt relief available to them to stop the foreclosure. The help of an experienced Minnesota stop foreclosure attorney may prevent a homeowner from losing a home.

Legal Help

Neff Law Firm, P.A., cannot only provide legal help with the threat of foreclosure but other types of legal cases as well. Minnesota consumers can get legal assistance with common legal problems such as the threat of foreclosure, bankruptcy, employment, criminal and civil litigation from a Neff Law Firm, P.A., attorney. People who are in need of debt relief can have their situation evaluated by an experienced Minneapolis or St. Paul debt relief attorney from the firm. These experienced attorneys can go over the situation and evaluate potential ways to get help for a debtor under prevailing law. The firms Minnesota lawyers can help whether a client faces foreclosure, repossession, civil litigation or a criminal charge. These experienced Minnesota lawyers can provide bankruptcy services where appropriate to help consumers achieve debt relief.

Twin Cities Stop Foreclosure Attorney

Need a Minnesota Attorney?

Debtors experiencing difficulties with foreclosure can arrange for a confidential meeting with an experienced Twin Cities stop foreclosure attorney at the Edina or Roseville office of Neff Law Firm, P.A., by calling the central scheduling telephone number of (952) 831-6555.

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