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Dealing with Personal Legal Problems

Experienced Minnesota Lawyers

I have observed Neff Law Firm, P.A.'s, outstanding lawyers get excellent resolutions to many people's legal problems.  Union President

The skilled Minnesota attorneys at Neff Law Firm, P.A., with over 63 years of combined experience getting clients justice and/or fair compensation can help a person with many different types of legal situations including employment law problems, Minnesota lawsuits, Federal False Claims Act / Qui Tam, fraud, discrimination, employee rights, retaliation for whistleblowing, unlawful discharge of employment, a criminal charges, DWI, bankruptcy, probate, personal injury, real estate concerns, wrongful termination of employment, defense of professional and occupational license, executive employment issues, sexual harassment, or divorce. These skilled Minnesota lawyers understand how common legal problems may have a devastating effect on a client. For example, people who go through a divorce often find that they now have less income yet far more expenses than they can cover as a single person. The financial problems that flow from the divorce may spill over into other areas of a person's life further aggravating the situation and causing other legally related problems. The skilled Neff Law Firm, P.A., Minnesota attorneys have assisted many divorced individuals for over more than twenty-three years with money problems caused or aggravated by a divorce such as credit problems, unpaid bills, harassment from debt collectors, frustration arising from alleged budget counseling, financial management, concern with being charged with violations of laws, medical bills, foreclosure, repossession, garnishment, utility's being shut-off, the effect of a bad credit score, the feeling that credit repair is necessary and problems related to litigation launched by creditors. These knowledgeable Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers know the legal rights of people in Minnesota and understand how matters such as illness, injury, divorce and extreme medical bills can make a financial situation spiral downward bringing with it an inability to pay billing statements, creating unsatisfactory or bad credit scores, and a feeling like there should be a way to do credit repair. Neff Law Firm, P.A., Minnesota attorneys have helped many people with their legal problems including providing legal assistance in achieving suitable debt relief.

A person in modern day society often experiences legal problems. Increasingly people are finding that they have more than one legal problem at the same time such as a loss of employment, bankruptcy, divorce and a criminal charge. It is not unusual for someone who is fired from their job to find him or herself with debt problems, divorce and being charged with a crime. At stressful times like this it is important to have access to a Minnesota lawyer, who understands and has experience helping people resolve their legal problems.

The Minnesota lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., understand the situation and have over 63 years of combined experience helping people who have one or more legal problems.


Neff Law Firm, P.A., employment attorneys recognize that the loss of a job may trigger a host of other problems including financial pressures, family law related concerns such as divorce and in some situations being charged with a crime. People often define themselves based on their job so when they lose employment it not only causes financial pressure but becomes a humiliating experience. Sometimes a loss of employment may be based upon discrimination at the workplace based upon race, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual preference, religion, pregnancy, sexual harassment, disability, and perceived disability.

Another improper basis for a person losing his or her job is for opposing discrimination or in retaliation for a person reporting an illegal act(s) by the employer. Neff Law Firm, P.A., lawyers can help a person who has had his or her rights violated by the breaking of laws such as the Civil Rights Act, federal anti-discrimination laws and the Minnesota Human Rights Act. These Minnesota lawyers have experience helping employees who have been hurt through the breaking of laws under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act or other anti-discrimination laws including, the (ADEA) Age Discrimination in Employment Act , the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Older Worker's Benefit Protection Act (OWBPA), and the American's with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The Neff Law Firm, P.A., lawyers are familiar with protecting clients' rights under the Minnesota Human Rights Act. An experienced Minnesota lawyer from Neff Law Firm, P.A., can provide essential legal assistance for employment related problems including discrimination, sex harassment, retaliation, breach of contract, attack on a license related to employment, and wrongful firing from a job.


The Minnesota lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., have many years of experience defending people charged with a crime. Fred Neff has been working as a criminal defense lawyer for more than 30 years. He has acted as an investigator, prosecutor, and private attorney handling criminal cases. In the past, Minnesota criminal defense lawyer Fred Neff has been appointed to work on the Hennepin County Public Defender's Conflicts Panel and the Hennepin County Juvenile Justice Panel.

Neff Law Firm, P.A., has provided criminal defense help to clients for misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony criminal charges. The firm handles criminal defense for charges such as property crimes, assault, family crimes, theft, robbery, kidnapping, theft, burglary, arson, crimes of destruction of property, forgery, drug crimes, bribery, perjury, false claims, DUI/DWI, careless driving, reckless driving or various types of traffic violations. Neff Law Firm, P.A., has extensive experience handling matters involving juveniles. A Minnesota criminal defense lawyer from Neff Law Firm, P.A., can also provide legal help when a person is charged with a matter related to a crime such as dram shop, implied consent, a forfeiture or movement against a person's employment related license.


Family law matters may have a devastating effect on an individual's life. The Minnesota family lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., understand the need for competent legal assistance when a person faces family law matters such as divorce, a child custody dispute, setting a visitation schedule, spousal maintenance, adoption, name change, prenuptial agreements, or working with child-support matters.

Since the founding of Neff Law Firm, P.A., in 1986 the firm's Minnesota family lawyers have been providing legal assistance to people with their legal matters related to their family. The firm's family attorneys have handled many different types of family law concerns such as prenuptial agreements, adoptions, the rights of minors, legal separation, dissolution of marriage (divorce), property disposition, spousal support, child custody, visitation, child support and change of name. Marriage and family matters are of special importance to a person for many reasons. If you are involved in a matter involving a marriage or family, a lawyer from Neff Law Firm, P.A., can be of great help to you.

Good advice is priceless so if you have a legal problem, please contact the Neff Law Firm, P.A., at (952) 831-6555 to schedule an appointment with a lawyer at either the Edina or Roseville, Minnesota office.

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I have had many positive experiences dealing with Neff Law Firm, P.A. over more than sixteen years. The lawyers from Neff Law Firm, P.A. are friendly, attentive listeners, good communicators, respectful, have a great sense of organization, are very strong advocates and work hard to achieve a good resolution.
A client that has had more than sixteen years of terrific legal services from Neff Law Firm, P.A.

The attorneys at Neff Law Firm, P.A. have the knowledge, skill, experience, and understanding of the human aspect of business, financial, banking, and bankruptcy to handle such cases.
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I have used Neff Law Firm, P.A. since it opened in 1986. Even before that time I had used Fred Neff as my personal lawyer. I first started using Fred Neff as my lawyer in the 1970's and have continued to use him because of my high satisfaction with the positive treatment I received and excellent legal work done for me.
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Based upon the excellent representation that I have observed by Neff Law Firm, P.A., I have chosen to recommend Neff Law Firm, P.A. to others. The very respected lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A. are extremely able and can provide excellent legal assistance in various areas of the law. I know of many people who have received excellent results through the representation of Neff Law Firm, P.A. on cases such as employment law, discrimination, civil litigation, whistle blowing, complex litigation, fraud, divorce, real estate and probate.
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The attorneys at Neff Law Firm, P.A. are not only knowledgeable about the law but take the time to understand the client's perspective and then work to achieve that person's goal. These well-respected Neff Law Firm attorneys understand the law and its applications in resolving legal difficulties.
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Neff Law Firm, P.A. is an excellent family law firm. The lawyers at Neff Law Firm have great knowledge and experience with family law matters which makes the firm an ideal choice for someone in Minnesota who is involved with legal difficulties related to a divorce, child custody dispute, fight over visitation rights, or payment of child support.
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