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Minneapolis Lawyer Assistance in Preventing Loss of Home through Foreclosure

St. Paul Attorney Providing Legal Help in Avoiding Loss of House in Foreclosure

A Minnesota attorney from Neff Law Firm, P.A., can help a consumer experiencing a problem with foreclosure. The firm's experienced Minnesota consumer attorneys have helped many people experiencing foreclosure problems over more than twenty-five years. A Minnesota foreclosure attorney from Neff Law Firm, P.A can provide legal help, to prevent the loss of a home. These tough and smart attorneys not only can help with a foreclosure problem but other financial difficulties as well. A foreclosure may be accompanied by other difficulties such as personal injury, illness, a criminal charge, loss of a job, inability to pay necessary monthly expenses, divorce and excessive unpaid medical bills.

Minnesota Consumer Rights Attorney

The experienced consumer lawyers at Neff Law firm, P.A. understand how one problem may cause further difficulties or aggravate an existing set of circumstances. These attorneys know how to help a consumer facing financially related problems such as foreclosure, repossession, garnishment, personal injury, a criminal charge, unlawful discharge of employment, divorce, excessive unpaid medical bills and utility shut-off. These skilled Minneapolis / St. Paul lawyers have assisted many consumers not only deal with foreclosure but get relief for overall debt difficulties. They understand from long experience as lawyers that consumers often face multiple financial pressures including an inability to pay for the daily cost of living, failure be able to get credit, threats from creditors, unreasonable financial services, banking problems, credit union difficulties, bills that go unpaid, harassment from bill collectors, failure of budget counseling, inability to handle financial management, the threats of being charged with doing an illegal act, unpaid medical bills, feeling damaged by creditors, being the victim of fraud, past due on mortgage payments, garnishment, being behind on credit card payments, the belief that there needs to be credit repair, repossession, foreclosure, utilities being shut-off, inability to get financial help due to a bad credit score, and worry over the threat of a future lawsuit. When consumers face foreclosure they often feels anxious, discouraged, helpless and the need for credit repair. The debt relief attorneys from Neff Law Firm, P.A., have assisted many consumers facing foreclosure and also to achieve suitable overall debt relief.

Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney Help With Stopping Foreclosure

A person's home is often his or her most valuable asset and something they have worked hard to obtain. This is an asset that may carry with it far more than a money value in that it is needed for daily living and the owner may have a strong emotional attachment to it. The law in Minnesota allows for the foreclosure of a home where a debtor has not met applicable financial obligations on it. Debt problems often include being behind in making mortgage payments. When a person is behind on mortgage payments there may be a serious danger of being foreclosed upon, which occurs when the lender is able by law to take a debtor's home and end the debtor's ownership and related use of the home. A common problem that faces debtors is not only being behind in making mortgage payments but procrastination. Some people put off getting help with the mortgage situation until after getting a notice of foreclosure. Waiting until after notice may make getting relief more difficult.

Minnesota Foreclosure Attorney

A Minnesota foreclosure attorney from Neff Law Firm, P.A., can provide valuable legal assistance to a homeowner facing the threat of losing a home through foreclosure. Homeowners may meet with a Minnesota stop foreclosure lawyer to get foreclosure information including what foreclosure help may be available, potential bankruptcy help to prevent foreclosure, legal rights in foreclosure, understanding foreclosure documents, how to deal with foreclosure problems, what to expect after notice of foreclosure, foreclosure ramifications, mistakes that can happen in a foreclosure.

Risk of Foreclosure

If a person(s) is seriously behind on mortgage payments or even worse has received notice of foreclosure there may be a way of getting relief through available bankruptcy law. A person who faces the possibility of losing his or her home because of not being able to afford mortgage payments may still be able to get help with the situation through a bankruptcy and stop foreclosure. Timeliness is of the essence in legal matters so a debtor who faces the risk of foreclosure should seek out the help of a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer who can do an assessment of his or her financial situation to determine what steps may be taken to assist in stopping foreclosure of a home.

Ways of Stopping Foreclosure

Each person's individual financial situation must be viewed carefully as to whether it would allow the person to qualify for bankruptcy relief and just how much help would be gained through filing for bankruptcy. A person seeking to stop foreclosure of a home may do so by filing a bankruptcy if the person is qualified to do so under prevailing law. An analysis of his or her full financial picture should take place to see if he or she qualifies under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy law.

Chapter 7 to Stop Foreclosure

A qualified person filing for relief under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would be able to temporarily stop a lender from having the right to foreclose on the debtor's home. This temporary stopping of a foreclosure may provide the debtor an opportunity to find alternative solutions to his or her problem, such as locating additional ways to get needed money and potentially being able to end the threat of losing his losing the home through foreclosure..

Chapter 13 to Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosure of a home may be stopped by filing for Chapter 13 relief under the bankruptcy law. This type of bankruptcy proceeding may be referred to as a repayment bankruptcy. Filing under Chapter 13 to stop a bankruptcy may be useful where a person under his or her current financial situation can still make mortgage payments but has other pressing debt obligations. Under a Chapter 13, a repayment plan is structured to cover the mortgage payments that have been missed.

Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney Help With Stopping Foreclosure

Rather than despair and give up a home through foreclosure it is important to keep in mind that there may be hope. An experienced Minnesota Bankruptcy attorney may be able to stop foreclosure. Neff Law Firm, P.A., has for over twenty two years helped people stop foreclosure. To consult with a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney you may call (952) 831-6555 to arrange for a confidential in person meeting.

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