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Minnesota Attorneys Providing Commonly Needed Legal Assistance

Neff Law Firm, P.A., Minnesota attorneys based in the Minneapolis area have provided injured people experienced legal help to get justice and/or fair compensation with workplace disputes, contract disputes, business claims, civil litigation, and other commonly needed legal matters in Minnesota and elsewhere for over 28 years. The Minnesota lawyers at the firm have successfully helped thousands of people with commonly needed types of legal assistance such as Minnesota lawsuits, worker's rights, debt relief, personal bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, as well as business bankruptcy. The law firm maintains offices in the Twin Cities for clients to get legal help with case types that range from commonly needed legal services to complex litigation.


While Neff Law Firm, P.A., has traditionally done a substantial amount of legal work on complex litigation, it also has Minnesota attorneys who provide legal assistance to people seeking legal help with matters such as unlawful workplace discrimination, legal help after being fired from a job, gender harassment, wrongful discharge, etc. The Minnesota business lawyers also provide various legal services in the areas of business law and the defense of licenses.


Contracts are a very important part of everyday living. When agreements are not honored it may rack havoc on one of the parties. This is especially true in business and in the workplace. In business a broken contract can make the difference in a business surviving. An person may also be deeply injured by a broken promise in the workplace. A contract may be something that a person relied upon in structuring his or her life, particularly if the contract pertains to the person's worklife. An individual's job may not only provide financial support, but may also be the basis of his or her self-image. If after starting work, the person finds that the employer does not intend to honor the contract, it may have huge negative repercussions. Prompt attention to addressing a breach of contract and may allow for an injured person to get relief. Neff Law Firm, P.A., has years of experience representing people who have been victimized by broken contracts. Whether a business, insurance, real estate, workplace or personal property contract Neff Law Firm, P.A., stands ready to help a person with a valid claim.


The law in certain jurisdictions recognizes that there may be an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing under certain circumstances. A covenant of good faith and fair dealing is implied in fact in the contract. Proceeding with this type of claim requires a firm factual basis and knowledge of the applicable law. Before Prior to embarking on making such a claim an injured person may arrange a meeting with an experienced Minnesota lawyer from Neff Law Firm, P.A. who can advise them and provide legal help where appropriate.


Running a business can be a very rewarding and challenging endeavor. Sometimes if requires working with legal type of matters. Neff Lsw Firm, P.A., has attorneys who are experienced in helping businesses with commonly needed legal services such as business formation, contracts, disputes. Bankruptcy, civil litigation and criminal charges. Whether suing or being sued Neff Law Firm,P.A. stands ready to zealously defend and pursue justice for its clients.


There is potential relief for someone who is injured mentally and emotionally by someone else, under certain factual circumstances. To recover on such a claim a person who alleges injury needs to have a strong factual basis for making the claim. There are certain factors that one should look at before starting a lawsuit for relief such as whether there was a relationship between the people involved that required a greater obligation to refrain from inflicting mental or emotional distress than would apply to a relationship between strangers? Did the entity that was alleged to have done the damage have a duty to refrain from humiliating, abusive, retaliatory and degrading behavior towards the injured person? What exactly was done that triggered the alleged damage. Did the entity doing the alleged damaging conduct know or should have known that emotional distress was certain or substantially certain to result because of his or her abusive, and retaliatory conduct? What is the extent of the provable damage done to the person seeking relief? Was the alleged damage done to the person severe? Investigating the viability of such a claim can be a far less daunting task with the help of an experienced lawyer from Neff Law Firm, P.A. who can help with the process of evaluation and pursuing the claim where appropriate.


There are many different situations where someone may be injured by the careless acts of another. Sometimes these injuries are severe enough to warrant considering pursuing relief from the entity doing the damage. A lawsuit for such damage is commonly referred to as a negligence case. In such a matter it is important before pursuing any action to carefully investigate and evaluate the facts. Among the questions that should be answered are did the damaging entity have a duty of due care to the injured person? Was it foreseeable that if the entity did not follow its duty of care the person would be injured? Did the alleged damaging entity and its officers, managers and/or agents fail to exercise due care causing the alleged damage? Was the act or acts of the alleged damaging entity the direct and proximate cause of damage to the alleged injured person or entity. Neff Law Firm, P.A. has skilled attorneys who have years of experience handling negligence claims and can help a person move for justice and fair compensation.


There are times where a person is the victim of misrepresentations, omissions or concealment. This type of situation is commonly referred to as a fraud case. Pursuing a fraud case requires diligent and rigorous investigation of the facts. There are a number of important factors that must be present to have a chance for a recovery. These factors may different depending on the jurisdiction where the fraud claim is being pursued. Generally some of the questions that must be answered before deciding whether a fraud case is viable include:

  • Did the entity that allegedly committed fraud knowingly and intentionally use fraudulent tactics that did damage?
  • Were there knowing and intentional fraudulent material misrepresentations that were untrue?
  • Were the representations made knowing them to be false and with intent to defraud and deceive the alleged injured person and to induce him or her to do something?
  • Did these false representations have to do with a past or present fact?
  • Was the representation susceptible of knowledge?
  • Did the injured person act in reliance on the other entity?
  • Was important information omitted by the entity alleged to have caused the injury?
  • Did the entity alleged to have caused the injury conceal important information?
  • Did the injured person believe the other entities representations and was he or she induced to action thereby causing him or her damage?
Before pursuing a fraud claim consultation with a skilled lawyer from Neff Law Firm, P.A. would be very helpful. The law firm has years of experience successfully pursuing fraud claims. For legal assistance with fraud or any other of the above legal matters, contact Neff Law Firm, P.A., at (952) 83–16555

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