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Minnesota Theft Defense Attorneys

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A criminal defense lawyer with a complete understanding of the technicalities of the law can provide valuable legal assistance to someone charged with a theft crime. The attorneys from the Minnesota criminal defense law firm of Neff Law Firm, P.A., in the greater Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul have been providing legal assistance to people charged with crimes for 30 years. They understand what is at stake and what is needed to protect your rights, freedom and future.

What Is Theft?

The Minnesota theft defense lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., provide confident and competent criminal legal defense services to clients throughout Minnesota in felony and misdemeanor theft cases. A theft charge includes the allegation that a person intentionally, without a claim of right, took, concealed or retained possession of movable property that is not his or her own, with intent to permanently deprive the owner.

This type of charge can involve a great many unlawful types of activity and is charged in degrees of severity of the act, which may include consideration of the value of the property allegedly involved in the charge.

Unlike robbery, in many instances the theft occurs without the victim immediately knowing of the loss because the actions are concealed and not overt. For example, many types of white collar crimes involve an act of theft such as theft by fraud, credit card theft, check forgery, state lottery fraud, theft by swindle, embezzlement, employee theft and money laundering. Shoplifting and some forms of auto theft are also considered theft in Minnesota.

Experience and Detailed In-Depth Investigation

Attorney Fred Neff has been an investigator, a prosecutor and is now a private defense attorney handling criminal cases in Minnesota. As a former prosecutor, he has unique insight into how prosecutors in Minnesota handle criminal cases and how cases for theft are built by district attorneys.

His prosecution experience allows him to anticipate decisions the prosecution may make in a criminal case. He has also served on the Hennepin County Public Defenders Conflict Panel and the Juvenile Justice Panel. This knowledge allows him to effectively advocate for you. He will take his experience on both sides of the aisle to critically assess all the evidence to not only find holes in the prosecution's case, but to build a solid defense case that will put you in the best position for a fair plea arrangement or to persuade a judge or jury to find you not guilty at trial.

Contact a Twin Cities Auto Theft Arrest Lawyer Who Understands What Is at Stake

Being convicted of a criminal charge will impact your entire life. By immediately enlisting the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, you are taking the first step to effectively protect your rights.

Contact the criminal defense lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., to get the aggressive representation you need in defense of a criminal charge involving theft. At your in-person consultation you can discuss the options in your case and how the firm will defend your rights. For an appointment with a Minnesota lawyer please call 952-831-6555.

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