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Neff Law Firm, P.A>, an experienced Minnesota sexual harassment law firm, has skilled Minneapolis - St. Paul sexual harassment lawyers. If you have suffered sex harassment in the workplace, you do have rights. Neff Law Firm, P.A., is prepared to investigate your claim. Protect your gender rights and your future. For legal help contact Neff Law Firm, P.A., at (952) 831–6555 to schedule a consultation.

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms. It may be repeated offensive sexual language and remarks by other employees unwanted familiarities, unwelcome sexual attention, offensive touching, or propositioning for sex. It may include unwelcome sexual advances from co-workers, supervisors, managers, or customers, the presence of explicit sexual images or material in the workplace or demands for sexual favors from a supervisor who threatens to fire you if you do not go along or in exchange for a promotion, raise or to avoid discipline. In other cases it may be caused by physical contact that is sexually motivated.

Working in a hostile work environment every day is intimidating, exhausting, emotionally damaging, and can have long-term effects on your health, your career, and your life.

Legal Protection against Sexual Harassment

You don't have to tolerate sexual harassment. The law protects both female and male workers from sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment can come from a coworker, a supervisor, a manager, even customers. It's also important to know that the law protects all employees and immigrant workers alike. Sexual harassment in the workplace is not tolerated and can be prosecuted in court.

Courts have specified two types of activity in the workplace which can constitute illegal sex discrimination. The first is called quid pro quo which is Latin for "something for something" or "this for that". This type of sexual harassment can involve a bribery-type situation in which a supervisor or employer gives an employee a promotion or other benefits in exchange for sexual favors. It can also involve a blackmail-type situation in which an employee's job, future advancement, and other benefits are threatened if he or she doesn't submit to a demand for sexual activity. Benefits which may be withheld or promised in exchange for sexual favors can include favorable work shifts, better job assignments, promotions, increased pay, time-off of work with pay, and simply keeping your job at all.

Sex discrimination also encompasses discrimination based on a person's gender. Being denied an opportunity for promotion or other advancement because of gender, such as a woman being denied a position that is given to a man instead may indicate that gender discrimination has occurred. It can also be a situation where a person of one gender is treated more favorably than a person of another gender—this can be where two or more people are engaging in the same conduct, but only the female personnel gets punished.

What is a Hostile Work Environment — Sexual Harassment?

The second type of activity, which can be sexual harassment, is called a hostile work environment. A hostile work environment may be present if you feel continually threatened, uncomfortable because of lewd comments, discriminatory remarks, pornographic images, or unwanted touching. Whether a hostile work environment exists depends on the specific facts of each case, but courts generally look at the following issues:

  • Was the verbal or physical behavior of a discriminatory nature?
  • Was the work environment offensive to the employee and others who witnessed the activity?
  • Was the conduct unwanted?
  • Did the person or persons who began or continued the offensive behavior have power over the worker who felt harassed?
  • Did the employee have to tolerate the environment and activity in order to keep working?

When is an Employer Liable for Sexual Harassment?

An employer is liable for sexual harassment if the employer knew about it or should have known about it and failed to put a stop to it immediately. It is the responsibility of management to create and maintain the appropriate work environment. Your employer may be legally liable if they failed to take the appropriate action.

Contact a sexual harassment and gender discrimination attorney. at Neff Law Firm, P.A., if you believe you have been the victim of unfair firing because you refused sexual advances at work or otherwise have been the victim of sex harassment. You deserve protection from sexual harassment and compensation for sex discrimination. Help is available.

Flexible appointment times are offered for your convenience to discuss a sexual harassment. To set up a confidential appointment regarding a sexual harassment difficulty with a Minneapolis – St. Paul sexual harassment lawyer, please call (952) 831-6555.

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