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Consultations Available with a Minneapolis Bankruptcy Attorney or St. Paul Bankruptcy Attorney

Overwhelmed by Unpaid Bills in Minnesota?

If you feel overwhelmed by unpaid bills you may discuss your concerns with a compassionate and experienced Minneapolis bankruptcy attorney or St. Paul bankruptcy attorney from Neff Law Firm, P.A., at a confidential conference at either our Greater Minneapolis office in Edina, Minnesota or our Greater St. Paul office in Roseville, Minnesota. A debtor may at that time discuss with the bankruptcy attorney legal help that will provide relief.

Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorneys

Need an Experienced Minnesota Bankruptcy Attorney?

The highly experienced Minnesota bankruptcy attorneys at Neff Law Firm, P.A., have a combined experience of over 50 years helping people that are feeling overwhelmed by debt. These understanding and compassionate bankruptcy attorneys will give you the personal attention you deserve in reviewing your concerns related to bills such as dealing with harassing creditors, bill collectors, mortgage bills, foreclosure, repossession, garnishments, utility shutoff, lawsuits and judgments against you.

Online Bankruptcy Information

Need Debt Relief Information in Minnesota?

The Neff Law Firm, P.A., law site provides information on a large range of debt related topics. Debtor’s who feel over their head in debt may explore topics that will be useful to them in better assessing their situation. While each page covers useful information it does not act as a substitute for specific legal advice relate to a consumers particular situation. Consumers who want to meet in person with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer from the firm may call the central scheduling telephone number of (952) 831-6555 to set up an in person conference.

Fresh Start in Minnesota

Want to Get Out of Debt?

An experienced Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer from Neff Law Firm, P.A., can do a review of your financial situation and assess your options for debt relief, which may give you a fresh start. Too often the fear of losing all is greater than reality. There are legal mechanisms available to help people who are drowning in debt. At a personal confidential conference with a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney a debtor can discuss his or her financial situation and get related questions answered. These questions may include subjects such as foreclosure, unpaid medical bills, automobile repossessions, past due loans, garnishments, judgments, shutoff of utilities and dealing with harassing creditors.

Bankruptcy Questions Answered

Need Basic Bankruptcy Information?

The experienced Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., welcome the opportunity to meet with you at a personal confidential conference where they may go over your financial situation and answer related questions not only on available options for relief but questions on bankruptcy procedures that may apply in your situation. At a personal conference with a bankruptcy lawyer questions may be answered such as the procedure for filing bankruptcy, when a bankruptcy is appropriate, the requirements for Chapter 7, the requirements for Chapter 13, necessary information to provide to the court in a bankruptcy petition and an outline of the general bankruptcy process.

Plain Language and Straight Advice on Handling Debt Problems

Want to Know about Debt Relief in Minnesota?

Rather than waste time worrying over debt related problems, you may consult with a Minnesota bankruptcy attorney from Neff Law Firm, P.A., at a confidential personal conference. At that time the bankruptcy attorney can review your situation and provide straight advice in plain language on available debt solutions. Whether you have a personal and/or business debt related concern the skilled Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., stand ready to provide the appropriate legal help under the circumstances.

Minnesota Bankruptcy Protection

Filing for Bankruptcy Minnesota

The experienced Minnesota bankruptcy attorneys at Neff Law Firm, P.A., have many years of experience helping debtors achieve bankruptcy protection. Whether the debtor is qualified for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy these compassionate bankruptcy attorneys stand ready to help. Neff Law Firm, P.A.'s, Minnesota bankruptcy attorneys handle both personal and business bankruptcies. The Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., give personal attention to each client’s unique situation and help them reach a proper that resolution that includes where appropriate providing getting a person a chance for a fresh start through wiping out types of debt or creating a workable debt consolidation plan. The Minnesota bankruptcy lawyers from Neff Law Firm, P.A., have decades of experience providing personal attention to debtors in need of relief from financial pressures.

To set up a confidential in person meeting with a Minnesota bankruptcy lawyer in either the greater Minneapolis office or greater St. Paul office in Roseville please call Central scheduling at 952-831-6555.

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