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Minnesota Litigation Process

Minnesota Litigation Process Attorneys

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Sometimes disputes demand seeking out legal representation to protect rights, interests and reputation in the community. The experienced lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., understand what is at stake and how to use the Minnesota litigation process to meet their clients' needs and goals both in the short and long term.

From a simple breach of contract law situation to a complicated dispute involving many areas of law, Neff Law Firm, P.A., is here to be the legal problem-solvers who can resolve a situation efficiently using strategic legal acumen. For more information, please contact either the Edina or Roseville offices to schedule an appointment today.

Experience With All Types of Legal Disputes

In some situations, having an attorney to negotiate and act as an intermediary can have a dramatic impact when attempting to settle an argument fairly and preserve vital relationships for the future. The lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., are skilled negotiators who are highly experienced at working to resolve all types of matters, including:

Not every legal dispute involves filing a lawsuit. Neff Law Firm, P.A., is here to help clients figure out the best course of action and then to help them execute it properly. The experienced attorneys at Neff Law Firm, P.A., understand that people often find that they are facing multiple legal problems at the same time, and therefore the firm takes a holistic approach that may allow the clients to resolve all of their current legal problems in a streamlined manner.

Handling Every Part of the Minnesota Litigation Process With Detail and Dedication

In certain cases, filing a lawsuit can be advantageous as a way of propelling an issue forward or as a tool to gather more information that can shed light on conflict. The Minnesota litigation process lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., will explain every step of the litigation process as well as Minnesota civil procedure and how it can be used to help reach a fair and equitable resolution, including:

  • The purpose of filing a complaint
  • What needs to be included in an answer or cross-complaint
  • How to handle being served and the use of a process server
  • How to gather evidence using depositions, interrogatories, subpoenas and other legal tools
  • What types of rulings and motions may be beneficial or relevant
  • How a motion for summary judgment works and if that is a foreseeable option
  • The difference between a jury trial and a bench trial, and what would be in the best interest for the desired outcome
  • If an appeal is an option or is necessary

Each stage of the litigation process can pose possible problems, but also yield positive results. Therefore, it is crucial to talk through all the available outcomes before deciding on a specific strategy and implementing it. The lawyers at Neff Law Firm, P.A., have a strong commitment to being thorough and including clients in every conversation and decision that may affect the direction of the case.

Minneapolis Jury Trial Lawyers

Proceeding to a jury trial or a bench trial can be a long, complicated process. Judicial dockets are constantly overextended, and the steps leading up to even setting a date on a judge's motion calendar or trial docket can be extensive. In some cases, it might be beneficial to explore using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration or mediation. Neff Law Firm, P.A., has experience pursuing these avenues and helps educate clients about the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing these methods. From business litigation involving contract law to personal injury cases, Neff Law Firm, P.A., is here to help you make the right decision when it comes to how to proceed with your matter.

Convenient Twin City Office Locations

People who face the challenge of complex litigation are often looking for clear answers and information that can help them make informed decisions. Contact Neff Law Firm, P.A., for a confidential conference with a St. Paul attorney at the Roseville office or Edina office to have a situation reviewed for potential resolution opportunities and options.

To reach either the Minneapolis area office (Edina) or in the St. Paul area (Roseville) please call Neff Law Firm, P.A.'s, central scheduling telephone number at 952-831-6555.

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