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Other Options Along With Litigation (ADR)

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Neff Law Firm, P.A., understands that when you are facing complex legal problems you want your legal representation to be problem solvers who can creatively arrive at solutions and options that will meet your needs for both the long and short term. This sometimes involves exploring and utilizing other options outside of the traditional forum of litigation in the state and federal courts of Minnesota.

Neff Law Firm, P.A., actively counsels clients engaged in all types of civil disputes from employment matters to personal injury, family law, real estate, probate and business lawsuits. Before opposing counsel or anyone else offers you a settlement of any kind, contact Neff Law Firm, P.A., to discuss your legal rights and options regarding how to achieve an equitable and fair remedy that meets your goals and objectives.

Exploring Every Option to Resolve Complex Legal Disputes

Although litigation is a clear way to bring about a conclusion, it is often time-consuming, costly and can be quite risky. In some situations, there are other options available, including different types of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), that can be employed to help expedite a viable result, such as:

Negotiation: Having a knowledgeable and persuasive legal advocate from Neff Law Firm, P.A., on your side who can effectively protect your interests while pursuing a desired outcome through aggressive negotiation may not only preserve future relationships and dealings with the parties on the other side, it can also level the playing field and give everyone an opportunity to arrive at a fair arrangement that all parties can live with and walk away with feeling satisfied.

Presenting a comprehensive offer: Sometimes presenting a "final" offer that addresses every point of contention can present an opportunity to close issues, settle matters in dispute or spark negotiations on areas that were previously considered off the table or had stalemated.

Mediation: In some cases, mediation is ordered by the court for the purposes of judicial economy after a lawsuit has been filed, while in other situations the parties may attempt mediation as a way to prevent having to pursue filing a lawsuit. In either situation, it is beneficial to have a lawyer present who can argue your case effectively to the mediator assigned and who is prepared to persuasively argue your side of every issue.

Arbitration: In many business and employment disputes, arbitration clauses can be found in the contracts at issue. While arbitration is seen as a time and cost saver, especially for courts, it is also risky since parties can have no legal recourse if the proceeding's outcome is binding. Therefore, it is crucial that your attorney truly understands every aspect of your case and is thoroughly prepared to vigorously present a convincing stance for each and every issue.

If litigation is the best vehicle or only option left, you can be assured that Neff Law Firm, P.A., has the experience and tenacity to competently represent you in any Minnesota court.

Resourceful and Creative Minneapolis Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Contact a Minneapolis lawyer at the Edina office or a St. Paul lawyer at the Roseville office of Neff Law Firm, P.A., for answers about the right options toward achieving a positive legal result. Make a confidential appointment to discuss all possible legal avenues with an experienced Minnesota attorney at either the Roseville (St. Paul) or Edina (Minneapolis) law office by calling the central scheduling telephone number of 952-831-6555. Flexible appointment times are available for your convenience.

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